Employment Services

Artius holds at its core the philosophy (supported by significant evidence-based research) that people are healthier and happier when gainfully employed. Work improves self-esteem and wellbeing and decreases the risk of illness.

Artius Employment Services helps match people to jobs and jobs to people. We provide a range of services to people whose illness, injury, disability or/and a medical health condition prevents them from finding, returning to, or staying in work.

Who we help:

  • Job seekers with an illness, injury, disability or health condition who need help finding suitable and sustainable work
  • Employers looking for skilled, motivated employees
  • School students who need help transitioning from school to work
  • Job seekers and workers with a mental health condition that makes it difficult to find or stay in work
  • Workers who are at risk of losing their job because of their illness, injury, disability or/and a medical health condition
  • Employers with workers who are struggling to keep their job because of their health condition, illness or injury

A complementary service

We provide a range of integrated services that are geared towards supporting our clients to become job ready, secure work and sustain employment. Our team of allied health professionals; physiotherapists and psychologists provide additional individual counselling, treatment, rehabilitation and support.

A Government funded service

Our employment services are funded by the Department of Employment and Department of Social Services.

Corporate Health Services

We also offer a range of Corporate Health Services to employers. For more information click here

An accessible service

  • We offer services from sites across Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast
  • Where possible our employment services are co-located with our health services  
  • For convenience our offices are close by to other key services such as Centrelink, public transport and shopping centres

We can help you!

If you would like to speak to someone about our range of employment services please contact us today.

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