Disability Employment Services

Disability Employment Services (DES) promote and assist the employment of people who have an illness, injury, disability and/or a medical health condition by:

  • Assisting people with disability to find work in open employment situations
  • Assisting employers to employ people with disability
  • Supporting the ongoing employment of people with disability

One in five Australians of working age have a disability, but only 53% participate in the workforce compared with 81% for people without a disability.

Artius is a specialist Disability Employment Services provider which supports people with illness, injury, disability and/or a medical health condition who need the help of an employment service through integrated health, employment, community and training services.

As a Disability Employment Service provider we offer a range of services to support individual needs, including:

  • Help to prepare for work, including training in specific life and work skills
  • Job-search support, such as résumé Development, training in interview skills, and help in looking for suitable jobs
  • Support when initially placed into a job, including on-the-job training and co-worker and employer support
  • Ongoing support in a job if required
  • The purchase of vocational training and other employment-related assistance
  • Access to help with workplace modifications; support services; and Auslan interpreting in the workplace
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