Job Seekers

We provide a range of services to people whose illness, injury, disability and/or a medical health condition prevents them from finding, returning to, or staying in work.

Our Employment Specialist staff will work with you to: 

  • Market your skills to potential employers
  • Identify suitable career options
  • Address barriers that make it difficult to obtain and keep work
  • Develop or update a resume
  • Access training to gain skills
  • Find traineeships and apprenticeships
  • Boost skills and experience through volunteer work or work experience
  • Help you search for advertised positions
  • Talk to employers to find job opportunities
  • Assist you to write application letters and address selection criteria
  • Improve your interview technique
  • Maintain employment through on-the-job training and support
  • Access workplace modifications if required
  • Help resolve conflicts or issues whilst at work

We can help if you: 

  • Require support to obtain or maintain employment;
  • Are able to work eight hours or more per week;
  • Have an illness, injury, disability and/or a health condition; and
  • Are eligible through Centrelink to access a Disability Employment Agency

People who are already employed may also be eligible for our "Retention Advancement Program" (RAP) which assists people with illness, injury, disability and/or a medical health condition who may be experiencing challenges in the workplace. Our team of Health and Employment specialists, workplace trainers and consultants can assist people with a health condition, injury or disability retain their jobs or re-train and transition to work in another role.

If you would like to speak to someone about our range of employment services please contact us today.

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