Job Assist

Do you have an employee who is at risk of loosing their job because of an injury, disability or health condition? Artius can help.

You may be able to access immediate, tailored, face to face support to help your employee in their job.

The Job Assist (formerly Job in Jeopardy Program) is a Australian Government initiative providing appropriate on-the-job support to people who are at risk of losing their job. Artius specialises in assisting people with an injury, disability and/or a health condition at no cost to the employer or employee.

The Artius Job Assist program is an employment case management and retention service that provides access to experienced professionals to support recovery at work while minimising the impact that their injury, disability or condition has on their work. Keeping employees working and allowing you to keep your valuable employee.

The Artius Job Assist program can provide:

  • A Comprehensive workplace assessment
  • Free workplace modifications or the provision of supportive equipment
  • Advice about job redesign
  • Workplace support to help manage the impact of the injury, disability and health condition
  • Access to health professionals including physiotherapists and psychologists
Who Can Apply?
To be eligible for Job Assist your employee must have an injury, disability or health condition which places them at risk of losing their job in the immediate future. The condition does not need to be permanent but they must be working at least eight (8) hours per week (allowances are made for employees who have recently reduced their hours due to the impact of their condition).

How to apply?
To see if your employee is eligible for Job Assist contact your Artius today.

Contact Us
To discuss services further or for referral please contact Artius:

P: 1300 575 751