Stepped Care

Mental health in Australia is changing direction with a greater focus in local regions on ensuring that client services better meet client needs. This new system is called “Stepped Care”. Clients are matched to a service that most meets their current needs. This can range from the least intensive (Low Intensity Services for people experiencing mild mental health problems) to the most intensive (High Intensity Services for people with severe and persistent mental health issues).

Artius, offers the new stepped care model within the Central Queensland, Wide Bay, and Sunshine Coast regions. There are 6 steps in the Stepped Care model, click on the links below to learn more or contact Artius on 1300 219 658 or to make an appointment.

Step 1 Low Intensity

Step 2 Child and Youth Primary Mental Health Services

Step 3 Underserviced Groups

Step 4 Health Care Services for People with Severe Mental Health Illness

Step 5 Suicide Prevention Aftercare

This program is supported by funding from the Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast PHN.