Artius speaks out to ABC NEWS regarding the rise of Bullying in Australian Prep and Year 1 classrooms!

Artius’ Jonathon McLoughlin, Allied Health Services Manager, has discussed with ABC News the bullying rise in Prep, Year 1 classroom as suspended, expelled students had doubled over four years.

Since 2013, it has been found that 4,300 children have been suspended or excluded from Prep and almost 9,000 students have been forced to go home in Year 1. Mr McLoughlin works with young individuals – both bullies and the targets and has said “We’re starting to see kids younger and younger with suicide ideation. I see six or seven-year-olds who say they want to kill themselves. It’s really daunting.”

ABC News focused their story on a Sunshine Coast mum Ashleigh Knox, whose daughter had become the target of bulling where she had been physically attacked at school, taunted and even suffered racial slur. Ms Knox daughter has said “Mum, I just don’t feel like I’m fit for this world’, Ms Knox is devastated her daughter has become the target of bullying however isn’t calling for the children who are bullying her daughter to be suspended or expelled, she just wants the bullying to stop!

When bullying occurs it’s hard to know how to help your child, particularly as bullying doesn’t just stop at the schoolyard, nevertheless Artius is here to help! Please call our health team on 1300 986 886 or email to find out more information. 

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