FOGS Indigenous Employment and Careers Expo

The 2014 Former Origin Greats (FOGS) Indigenous Employment and Careers Expo will be held Thursday 18 September at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium. The aim is to provide Indigenous job seekers and school leavers throughout Queensland the opportunity to connect with a selection of Queensland’s most prominent employers and education and training providers.

Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Manager at Artius; Barry Fewquandie says, “Artius’s participation and involvement at the 2014 FOGS Indigenous Careers Expo is very important to Indigenous communities within the South East Region of QLD”.

“The event provides a range of employment opportunities to both major employers and local jobseekers; including face-to-face interaction. FOGS focus on three main areas; education, employment and health which also align with the vision and objectives of Artius”, says Barry.

Artius is attending the Brisbane expo to talk to community members on how our Employment Services can not only help people gain employment but provide support and training to maintain a job they love. Artius Health services also deliver psychology and physiotherapy sessions to eligible people that identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander through the ATAPS and Medicare Chronic Disease Program.