Tweed Shire Council Announces Artius as it's Preferred Provider of EAP Services

The execution of a contract with Artius Health for the provision of Employee Assistance Program services will see Tweed Shire Council employees receive health and wellbeing services delivered by a network of local providers.

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an intervention program designed to enhance the emotional and general psychological wellbeing of all employees and includes services for immediate family members. EAPs aim to provide preventive and proactive interventions for the early detection, identification and/or resolution of work and/or personal problems that may affect performance and wellbeing. Given the busy pace of today’s society and the range of issues and roles that many of us juggle on a day to day basis, these issues could include, but are not limited to, relationships, health, trauma, substance abuse, gambling and other addictions, financial problems, depression, anxiety disorders, psychiatric disorders, communication problems, legal matters and coping with change.

Tweed Shire Council has had an EAP service in place for over 15 years, however this is the first time they have opened the management of the program to external tender from both individual local providers and health management organisations.

Liz Collyer, Director Corporate Services, Tweed Shire Council, said “We are pleased to announce Artius as our lead EAP provider and program manager. It was a rigorous application process and ultimately we were happy to award the contract to an organisation with extensive skills in providing health and wellbeing service delivery and program management.”

Artius have delivered and administered large scale mental health programs in South East Queensland for over 10 years. Artius engage highly-qualified health practitioners with established clinical practice in the area to provide locally appropriate services.

From February 1st Artius will manage Tweed Shire Council’s EAP services and will deliver services via a network of locally established Psychologists and Health Professionals.

Artius’s Managing Director, Paul Stokes said: “We are looking forward to working with Tweed Shire Council on this program which will continue to provide professional, appropriate and effective health and wellbeing support services to employees. We know that good psychological health at work, benefits employees in their home and family life as well. In this respect we feel the impact of this EAP program will benefit the community as a whole.”
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