Manual Handling Training

Almost all work environments require some form of Manual Handling  – even desk-based jobs have manual elements that pose risk!

Injuries can occur whenever tasks (light, heavy, repetitive or non-repetitive) aren’t performed well.

Musculoskeletal injuries are the cause of over 50% of workers’ compensation claims in Queensland. The top causes of musculoskeletal injuries are lifting, carrying or putting down objects and repetitive movement or strain costing an average $7,059 per claim (Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, 2016). Workplace Health and Safety Queensland recommends that without directly addressing key manual handling and safety risks for your staff, there can be a higher than average musculoskeletal injury rate, resulting in:

  • Loss of time and staff productivity
  • Employee disengagement
  • Higher Workers Compensation premiums
  • Or even Death.

Our Manual Handling Training content has been developed to ensure time effective education that is relevant, informative and engaging for your staff.

Delivered over 2 hours in a small-group, practical workshop setting, Artius’ Manual Handling Training will cover:

  • What is Manual Handling
  • Workplace Injuries and Workers Compensation – debunking the myths
  • Practical Manual Handling strategies
  • Understanding the physiological risk of injury from poor ergonomic and manual handling practices
  • Evaluating injury and safety risks in the workplace
  • YOUR workplace – interactive activity identifying injury and safety risks in YOUR workplace
  • YOUR Action Plan – mitigating the identified injury and safety risks in YOUR workplace
  • Practical Exercise session – educating staff on effective exercises to prevent injury, concentrating on core strength.

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