Pre-Employment Services

Pre-employment screening:

  • Provides a non-descrimatory, objective measure of a candidate’s physical capacity to perform the required role;
  • Assists with risk management during the recruitment process;
  • Can help avoid preventable workplace-related injuries; and
  • Provides a baseline health assessment for a candidate prior to their commencement

Over 50% of workers’ compensation claims in Queensland are caused by physical tasks such as lifting, carrying or putting down objects and repetitive movement or strain costing an average $7,059 per claim (Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, 2016).

Pre-employment screening is a critical risk management strategy for any business, large or small.

What does a Pre-employment Screening assessment Include?

Artius Pre-Employment Screening (PES) assessments are conducted by experienced Allied Health professionals and tailored to your business and the specific role.

A PES assessment may include the following elements:

  •     Functional Capacity Evaluation
  •     Audiometry (Hearing)
  •     Visual Acuity Screening
  •     Spirometry (Lung Function)
  •     Drug and Alcohol Screening
  •     Psychometric Testing

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