Pain Management

Artius understands the physical, psychological, social and financial impact that persistent pain can have on a person and their life. It affects 1 in 5 Australians, and results in 9.9 million work days absent ($1.4 billion).
Extensive evidence, and our own experience has shown that a multidisciplinary approach is most effective to help people manage their persistent pain.

Artius’ team of Physiotherapists, Psychologists and Exercise Physiologists are able to provide a range of programs for people living with or at risk of developing persistent pain:

Tailored Multi-Disciplinary Pain Programs

Artius is able to offer you tailored multi-disciplinary pain programs to address your individual needs and presentation. These programs can run between 6 – 26 weeks, and involve true multidisciplinary team management. Other health specialties, including dietetics, may also be included depending on your need.
Each program consists of:

  • Initial all-inclusive assessment, including completion of relevant outcome measures
  • Comprehensive initial report with recommendations for program delivery, including number of weeks, discipline involvement, program intensity and other service recommendations, including return to work facilitation or host employment
  • Delivery of multi-disciplinary pain program as per recommendations and approval received
  • Dedicated case management between all program practitioners
  • Progressive and end program assessment and reporting

These programs are regularly delivered for Workers Compensation and other insurance-based claim clients. We are happy to discuss delivery to and funding options for private clients.

Group Psychology Program – “Living Beyond Chronic Pain”

Artius delivers a 6 week psychologist-facilitated group program aimed to help those at risk of developing or currently living with chronic pain manage their condition. This program has been designed to complement individual Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology sessions.

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