Stepped Care Approach for Primary Mental Health Services

Mental health in Australia is changing direction with a greater focus in local regions on ensuring that client services better meet client needs. This new system is called “Stepped Care”. Clients are matched to a service that most meets their current needs. This can range from the least intensive (Low Intensity Services for people experiencing mild mental health problems) to the most intensive (High Intensity Services for people with severe and persistent mental health issues).

Artius, will be rolling out the new stepped care model for primary mental health services within the Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast region. Artius has been named the preferred provider for the region and is looking forward to improving mental health within the community. Artius is extremely proud to be delivering Integrated Mental Health Services for the region and will act as a centralised intake and triage service and partner with local providers to deliver a Stepped Care Approach for mental health services.

Stepped Care Priority Levels

Priority 1 – Low Intensity Mental Health Services

Priority 2 – Child and Youth Mental Health Services

Priority 3 – Psychological Services for Underserviced and Hard to Reach Groups

Priority 4 – Mental Health Services for People With Severe Mental Health Illness

Priority 5 – Suicide Prevention – Aftercare Services

Priority 6 – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Services

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Expressions of Interest

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