Stepped Care: Suicide Prevention Aftercare Services

For people that have had an admission to hospital following a suicide attempt.

  • For people that have recently attempted suicide or are at high risk of suicide
  • Multi-agency referral pathways but primarily from Local Emergency Departments post discharge and GPs
  • Support Coordinators help people stay safe and connected with their support networks and with existing health and community services during a period of high risk and vulnerability
  • Services include one-on-one, non-clinical care and practical support after a suicide attempt
  • Support Coordinators contact the person within 24 hours and work with them to develop a safety plan. The plan includes setting goals tailored to the individual which encourages them to re-engage safely in everyday life. It also reduces barriers to accessing follow-up care and tracks appointments with health and other social support services
  • Support Coordinators keep in touch with people regularly, either face to face, by phone and/or email. The level of support provided is based on the needs of the individual – it can vary from a one-off contact providing essential information, to multiple communications over several months.