Student Centre of Excellence

Artius is one of Queensland's leading providers of Allied Mental Health Services. We assist more than 8,500 people each year to improve their health and wellbeing through providing a wide range of services to clients using a multi-disciplinary approach.

Benefits of doing a placement with Artius:

  • Generous client hours that are easy to accumulate
  • On site clinical supervision including weekly group and individual sessions
  • Good preparation for private practice environments
  • Working within a collaborative health team
  • Seeing a wide range of client presentations
  • Becoming familiar with advanced IT and practice management software
  • Professional development opportunities through Artius

Artius currently offer placements to students studying:

  • Psychology

Where is Artius located?

We have over 100 employees across 28 locations, as well as a network of service providers in 60 outreach locations throughout the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast regions.

Contact your Externship Coordinator or the Consortium to find out information on how you can be placed with Artius.