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Have you ever driven to work and not remembered the journey there? We often get in the car with “to do” lists for the day ahead or replaying last night’s conversations over in our head

There are many skills that are required for your child to have positive and successful interactions while playing and communicating with others. For some children, learning these skills are quite difficult therefore they require more targeted intervention to learn, practice and consolidate them.

Artius therapists are skilled in weaving practical ‘serious’ goals and tasks into play-based fun activities. At Artius, we believe that it is important for your child to enjoy coming to therapy.

In September, Artius welcomed their first Therapy Dog to the Mental Health Team at USQ in Ipswich. Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) is fast becoming a popular and in-demand option for those seeking to engage in psychological therapy, and the evidence for it’s effectiveness is growing.