Psychological Assessments

Artius Health is proud to offer this specialised new service, which is performed by our experienced and qualified Psychologists.

What is a Psychological Assessment?

Psychological assessments help clients, as well as their carers and clinicians, to better understand their individual functioning, behaviour, abilities and concerns.

Our Psychologists use tests (e.g. questionnaires) and other assessment tools (e.g. interviews) to measure and observe a client's behaviour, in order to provide or clarify a diagnosis and treatment plan. 

What are the benefits of this service?

The aim of Psychological Assessments is to HELP OUR CLIENTS achieve a better quality of life.

Psychological Assessments can help to:

  • Provide or clarify a diagnosis
  • Determine a person's cognitive and/or memory capacity
  • Identify learning difficulties and also strengths
  • Demonstrate improvements over time.

Who can access this service? 

New and existing clients are welcome, including both children and adults. 

Clients can be self-referred or referred by a GP or another clinician. 

Please contact our friendly team to discuss your needs and suitability for a Psychological Assessment.

The Artius Health Guarantee

  • We use only gold standard testing methods to deliver insight and clarity to our clients.
  • We provide detailed and clear reports of results to help our clients access the support they need.

Is there a cost?

Assessments are tailored to individual needs and may vary in price. Our competitive fees will be discussed prior to commencement.

Some NDIS plans may cover the cost of this service.

Phone our friendly team on 1800 764 003 or email to receive your free quote.