Artius April Client Success Story

Client “C”, aged 10, initially presented with social anxiety with panic. This was having a significant impact on her school attendance/performance and affecting her interaction with her family resulting in a huge negative impact on her quality of life. Fortunately, C was determined from the beginning to work hard on addressing her social anxiety with panic (without medication).

C made consistent progress throughout all her sessions. By her sixth session all her hard work was paying off. C experienced positive outcomes such as:

  • C no longer experiences panic
  • C has excellent insight into her social anxiety and is now able to manage her anxiety well
  • C is now attending school regularly and is enjoying school
  • C’s grades have improved from D’s to B's
  • C is able to sing in Assembly and conduct presentations in class
  • C has met new friends
  • C has increased social outings
  • C is now enjoying family life
  • C is now able to use the toilet and eat in public places

The strategies applied for C’s care were:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Graded Exposure and Relaxation Techniques

Mum, Dad and C are very proud of her efforts and progress to-date and so are we! What an amazing job and inspiring success story!