Ipswich region awarded top Star Rating!

The Department of Social Services has ranked Artius as a 5 star provider for Disability Employment Services - Disability Management Services (DES – DMS), Psychiatric Specialist Contract in the Ipswich services area.

The Disability Employment Services Star Rating is implemented by the Australian Government to measure the success of providers achieving outcomes for job-seekers taking part in the program. Job-seekers and employers can use the star rating to help them choose the right provider. Ratings are one to five stars, with one being the lowest and five being the highest.

Artius’ General Manager Employment, Rollie Pontigon says, “Artius is very proud with our Star Rating success and achievement in the December 2015 Star Rating Result.”

  “In line with the Australian Government National Mental Health and Disability Employment Strategy, Artius is leading the way in fostering the principle that having a job is an essential part of social inclusion for people with disability and mental illness,” says Mr Pontigon.

Mr Pontigon says, “The annual cost of mental illness in Australia has been estimated at $20 billion, which includes the cost of lost productivity and labour force participation. Mental disorders were identified as the leading cause of healthy years of life lost due to disability.”

 “We believe that Employment is the most effective life intervention with the support of health education and training assistance”, says Mr Pontigon