Skills for Successful Play and Interaction

by Rachael Williams, Artius Speech Pathologist

There are many skills that are required for your child to have positive and successful interactions while playing and communicating with others. These skills include:

  • Sharing
  • Turn taking
  • Joint attention
  • Requesting
  • Waiting
  • Imitation

For some children, learning these skills are quite difficult therefore they require more targeted intervention to learn, practice and consolidate them. Initially, they may learn through modelling and praise and as they get older they will respond to consequences and practice.


Sharing and turn taking teaches skills such as compromise, negotiation and fairness. By the age of three, children are beginning to understand the concept of sharing and turn taking.


Joint attention is a key skill for positive communication and allows your child to be part of the interaction. Joint attention is when gestures and eye contact is used to share experiences with others. This skill allows the child to learn the connection between language and the objects, events or concepts that it represents. This skill is often developed by 18 months of age.


Requesting and asking for things is something children do from a very early age. Initially this is by eye contact, gesture or sounds rather than words and phrases. Children can learn how to make requests appropriately through using gesture (pointing) or words instead of snatching and grabbing objects. Your child will also learn how to wait for the object / game they are requesting.


Imitation is a skill that is shown in early ages as the child attempts to imitate sounds and movements, this progresses as the child gets older. Imitation of sounds, gestures and actions are important for development as it enable the child to learn and consolidate new skills.

Playing with your child and prompting these skills will increase positive social interactions and communication skills.

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