Road to Recovery Program Details

Program Inclusions

Road to Recovery is individualised according to the return to driving requirements of your worker, whether driving is a requirement of the job, or transport to/from work.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

An objective physical assessment of the worker to establish functional restrictions and capabilities

Occupational Therapy Certified Driving Assessor

Off Road Assessment

Off Road assessment will involve interview, cognitive and perceptual assessment including concentration, attention and problem solving. All of which can be effected under stress.

The information gathered from the Off Road assessment is then used to ascertain any vehicle equipment, modifications or specific techniques may be needed for the On Road assessment. The On Road Assessment is conducted by a Certified Occupational Therapist, in conjunction with a Rehabilitation Experienced Driving Instructor.

The use of a dual controlled vehicle is necessary for safety and a standard automatic or standard manual car can be arranged for the assessment. Vans, trucks and other heavy vehicles can be organised.

On Road Assessment

The On Road Assessment can include, intersections, roundabouts, multi-lane highways, merging and some driving manoeuvres. When and if appropriate, feedback is provided during the assessment in order to give the driver the opportunity to improve their driving performance. A full report is provided.

Driving de-sensitisation program

Psychological therapy

Artius experienced, registered psychologists are adept at a range of evidence based interventions that have demonstrated effectiveness in the treatment of driving phobias. Interventions include assessment, relaxation training, and other cognitive behavioural strategies aimed at addressing anxiety, PTSD symptoms and associated presentations that may be inhibiting a safe return to driving.

Where suitable, the psychologist may be present during the on-road assessment to step through coping techniques and provide in-situ supportive therapy.

Case Conference and Coordination

We will coordinate treatment plans with the client’s treating psychologist, GP, Specialist and other professional assisted communication. A case conference may be advised to facilitate a safe, return to driving program. In addition, if any vehicle modifications are required, Artius will organise quotes and installation.

Program Cost

A proposed treatment management plan can be provided prior to commencement of the program. The costing is based per hour on WorkCover Queensland 2016 Tables of Costs:

  • Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Complex Occupational Therapy Assessment and Intervention
  • Comprehensive report
  • Psychology consultation
  • Case Conference / Case Management

Driving instructor and dual-control vehicle will be additional costs.

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