Nine signs your workmate's mental health might be suffering

Mental illness can affect anyone at any time and it is highly likely you will supervise or work with someone who is going through a time where the mental health is suffering. In our recent article Workplace Mental Health we reported that each year 20% of Australian workers are likely to experience a period of mental illness.

During our working years we spend around 40% of our time at work. We develop close relationships and are often the first to notice that something is not quite right with a workmate or an employee. While it’s not your role to diagnose or treat them, you can play a vital role in recognising the symptoms and helping your workmate to get the support they need.

Here are nine signs that someone you work with may be suffering symptoms of mental ill health.

  1. Turning up late to work
  1. Struggling to meet reasonable deadlines
  1. Withdrawing from colleagues
  1. Having difficulty concentrating or managing workload
  1. Appearing restless, tense or on edge
  1. Being unusually tearful or emotional
  1. Getting easily frustrated with tasks or people
  1. Calling in sick more frequently
  1. Increasing self-critical and pessimistic thoughts

The changes in someone’s behaviour can be subtle and you may not feel it is your place to intervene or that mental health is a private issue, but having a conversation with them and checking if they’re OK can be the first step in getting them the support they need.

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