Laying Down the Tracks

Parent Carer Information

What is Developmental Delay?

Developmental delay is the term used when a child is slower than expected to reach their milestones than children of a similar age. These milestones can be related to the following categories:

  • Physical - the way your child moves
  • Social -the way they interact with others
  • Emotional - their mood and behaviours
  • Cognitive - the way they think
  • Communication - whether or not they can talk and the way they do it

What should I do if I’m concerned about my child’s development?

Delays in development can be temporary or permanent and can occur for a variety of reasons. You know your child better than anyone else so if you have concerns about their development, you should speak to your GP or Child and Family Health Nurse.

What is the Laying Down the Tracks Program?

Laying Down the Tracks is a pilot program funded by the Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast PHN. This 10 week program is specifically designed to assist developmentally vulnerable children, their families and carers in Gympie and the surrounding area.

The program is available free of charge for children aged 3-5years who have been assessed as having signs of one or more developmental vulnerabilities and aims to assist pre-school children to make a sucessful transition to the school environment.

Eligible children will have sessions with specially trained Psychologists, Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists experienced in paediatric and developmental issues.

How do find out  if my child is eligible for Laying Down the Tracks?

You should see your GP, Paediatrician or other health professional who can assist by making a referral to the Laying Down the Tracks program.

Download a print version of this information: Laying-Down-the-Tracks-Parent-Carer-flyer-A4.pdf (1.4 MB)

Download information to take to my Gp or health professional: Laying-Down-the-Tracks-GP-flyer-A4.pdf (1.1 MB)